We sell both new and used products - our products are assessed based on the following:
- Perfect  (With tags and unused)
- Excellent (Few or no pulls and basically like new)
- Very good (Used a few times. Seams may have come up a bit, few pulls)
- Good (Used several times, several pulls, minor damage and stitching may have opened)
- OK (Used a lot, several damages and pulls on the shirt and seams that may have opened)
Our assessments are based on age and general condition. A jersey that appears used, but is 10+ years old, can for example be marked as excellent, due to the longevity of the jersey, as well as average condition of a similar jersey.
For each product, there will be both pictures and a description of any defects. Please note that completely destroyed jerseys will never be sold.
If a product is marked with "BNWT", it means that the original price tags still appear on the shirt.
If you have questions about our assessments, or have doubts about a product, you are more than welcome to contact us at info@fitscph.dk