'FOOTBALL IS THE STORY' is the quote that characterizes FITS CPH. Enter the world of FITS CPH and discover a unique way to experience the history of football. Our celebration of football tradition and style is embodied in our exclusive jerseys, each a durable piece of art that celebrates the sport's rich and exciting past. 

At FITS CPH, we are more than just a shop - we are passionate storytellers who believe that every club, player and fan deserves to have their unique story told. That's why we've put together a collection of vintage and modern football shirts that embody the spirit of the beautiful game.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual observer, our jerseys will transport you back in time to the exciting moments and hard-fought matches that have defined football's rich history. From the legendary teams of yesteryear to the up-and-coming stars of today, each jersey is a tribute to the passion, dedication and triumphs of football past and present.

So come and join us on a journey through football history, where every shirt tells a story and every fan is part of the story. Experience your own unique piece of football heritage at FITS CPH and become part of the continuing legacy of the beautiful game.

"For me, a football shirt is a story"
- August Rosenmeier


In 2023, FITS CPH was born out of the passion of former two-time FIFA World Champion, August 'Agge' Rosenmeier. As a child, August spent endless hours kicking a football around in the garden, just like dozens of other children. His knowledge of the players and the clubs grew through his love of the FIFA game and hours spent watching Eurosport's football broadcasts at weekends.

This love for the beautiful game led August to turn his hobby of collecting football jerseys into a thriving business. The football jerseys started piling up in his office and that's when he realized he had the opportunity for something bigger.

The dream of working with football has always been a burning desire for August, and now he got the opportunity to share his passion with the outside world. With FITS CPH, August invites you on a journey through football's rich history, one jersey at a time.

"The desire and vision behind FITS CPH is for me to help bring the nostalgia and love for football and the clubs to other football lovers"

- August Rosenmeier